About the Atlanta Quality Assurance Association

The Atlanta Quality Assurance Association (AQAA) was founded in 1984 with the belief that no one company or individual can learn everything that is needed to assure a Quality Environment. AQAA is a not-for-profit organization which is organized to share state-of-the-art Quality Assurance methods, tools and techniques among its members. Our membership is comprised of professionals working primarily in the information systems industry. The AQAA is a Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) Federation Chapter.


To provide local interaction among member organizations in the Atlanta Area, to mutually support each other and to supplement the exchange of information about Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Total Quality Management.

AQAA Charter

Purpose - The purpose of the Atlanta Quality Assurance Association (AQAA) is to provide local interaction among member organizations in the Atlanta Area, to mutually support each other and to supplement the exchange of information about Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Total Quality Management.

Membership - All professionals interested in quality are invited to join AQAA. It is recognized, however, that it may be in the specific interest of, but not limited to, information technology professionals. To become a member of AQAA, one must submit payment to AQAA indicating the willingness to support the activities of the organization. Membership will be on an annual basis.

Membership Fees - Annually, the officers determine the current year's fee policies. Those policies are published and distributed in a timely manner. Payment of membership dues must accompany a membership application. Beginning 1992-93, officers are exempt from payment of membership dues. Additionally, special rates may be offered to full-time students.

Officers - AQAA Officers or Board Members – The Board Members of the Atlanta Quality Assurance Association are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Director, Education Director, Public Relations Director, Communications Director, Meeting Coordinator / Hospitality, Sales Director, and Board Member at Large. Members of the Board shall be elected annually to serve until succeeded and will assume office one day after the annual elections each year. The position of Treasurer is a two-year term due to fiduciary nature. The board is empowered to remove vacant board positions, create new board positions and appoint replacements if any officer resigns during their term.

QA and non- QA professionals wanting to volunteer to assist the existing Atlanta Quality Assurance Association Board Members, may be represented as Board Members at Large. They will be matched up with an elected AQAA Board member to guide and assist them in their assigned tasks. They will not have voting privileges, and may be called in to help on an as needed basis.

Meetings - A minimum of nine meetings will be held each year. Special events may be scheduled through the year. Meeting locations and times will be reviewed at least annually by the board of directors and changed as appropriate. Notification of the meetings will be made to the membership in a timely manner.

Relationship to the Quality Assurance Institute - The Atlanta Quality Assurance Association is a group of local quality professionals. As a QAI Federation Chapter, AQAA works with QAI to promote local and national seminars, training, conferences, etc. associated with QAI. AQAA operates within its own financial policy established by its membership.

Charter Changes - This charter may be changed by a majority vote of members in good standing attending a pre-announced meeting after the proposed change has been introduced. One vote is allowed per member. Absentee voting will be allowed.

Voting - For any issues, except charter changes, attending members in good standing will rule. All voting shall be done on a member basis and one vote is allowed per member in attendance.

Dissolution - AQAA shall be dissolved if the membership falls below 10 members for a period of three active months. All funds left in the treasury shall be distributed to the Atlanta area United Way Fund.

Functions - Among the functions to be performed by AQAA, all AQAA Board Members shall:

  1. Fulfill the designated responsibilities per role as well as help with completion of any related tasks that may arise within the organization. AQAA Board Member Roles and Descriptions of Duties
  2. Will attend the AQAA board meetings and have updates available in a concise format.
  3. If more than two AQAA Board meetings are missed, the Board member may be removed from the board.
  4. Will promote AQAA at within their respective company and at any other IT related functions attended as a great resource for Quality Engineer, Quality Assurance, Software Testers and anyone interested in these areas.
  5. Will promote the organization within the IT Community.
  6. Introduce key personnel from various member organizations to other members.
  7. Provide a network environment for quality professionals.
  8. Exchange information about vendors and uses of software tools.
  9. Promote quality seminars and training.
  10. Assist in the placement of quality professionals in the Atlanta area.
  11. Other activities that the organization may choose.

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