Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

Certified Software Tester (CSTE) - More technical of the two intended to establish standards for initial qualification and provide direction for the testing function. The course follows the same outline but has more technical detail and additional chapters. Topics like automation and test tools are covered.

Applicant Prerequisites: (CSTE)
To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must meet ONE of four prerequisites listed below: AND Are working, or have worked at any time within the prior 18 months, in the field within covered by the certification designation.

An applicant for certification must adhere to the Code of Ethics that outlines the ethical behaviors expected of all certified professionals by the ISCB.

Depending upon a compliance sample selected according to program criteria, the applicant may be required to provide upon request detailed education, employment, and reference documentation supporting the information entered in the Customer Portal during the application process. If selected the applicant must supply the required documentation and those who fail to provide the requested documentation may be subject to decertification.

Initial Application & Fee: (CSTE)
For those who qualify for the CSTE certification and are prepared to establish candidacy must complete an online Certification Candidacy Application in the Customer Portal and pay the application fee.

The CSTE application fee is: The application fee includes the following:

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