Presentations 2018

Where possible the AQAA makes available the presentation materials used by our speakers. Filmed events are large and will take time to load. In some cases our speakers request that they be contacted on an individual basis for the materials used. The AQAA will provide email addresses for this purpose.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the AQAA meeting and/or provide suggestions for future meetings.

Last Meeting
     •"Future Expertise of Delivering Software"
        Nick Jones, VP, Applications Delivery Services at Global Payments
        March 13, 2018

Past Meetings
     •"Testing Automation in the Cloud"
        Norman Brodeur, VP of the Quality Management Office at RapidIT Inc. and
        Gopo Velagundula, VP of Product Development at RapidIT-Cloudbera
        February 13, 2018

     •"Speed Networking"
        Facilitated by AQAA
        January 9, 2018

     •"Current State and Future Direction of Software Quality "
        Norman Brodeur,VP of the Quality Management Office,RapidIT Inc
        November 14, 2017

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