Presentations 2010

Where possible the AQAA makes available the presentation materials used by our speakers. Filmed events are large and will take time to load. In some cases our speakers request that they be contacted on an individual basis for the materials used. The AQAA will provide email addresses for this purpose.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the AQAA meeting and/or provide suggestions for future meetings.

2010 Meetings
     • "The Goods and the Bads of Agile Quality Assurance "
         Jonathan Taylor, CTAL - TA, HPCPm Senior Consultant, Computer Technology Solutions
        November 9, 2010

     • "Risk Based Regression Testing"
         Rene Orlin, CSTE
        October 12, 2010

     • "Load testing of web applications from the end-user perspective"
         Duane Dorch, of Gomez, the web performance division of Compuware
        September 14, 2010

     • "Tools, Tools, everyone wants them but how do you "sell them" to your management?"
         Gary D. Mendelson, Account Manager, Serena
        August 10, 2010

     • "Automated vs. Manual testing - which is right for you?"
        Meeting Notes
         Gary Bowers, SmarteSoft Inc. of Austin TX
        June 8, 2010

     • "Mastering LinkedIn - Advanced Techniques"
         Keith Warrick
        April 12, 2010

     • "BPT - Business Process Testing"
         Scott Jefferies
        March 9, 2010

     • "Networking for QA Professionals"
         Fred Walker
        February 9, 2010

     • "AQAA Roundtable - The State of QA in Atlanta"
         AQAA Board
        January 12, 2010

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